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What Beard ON Means To Mr

What Beard ON Means To Mr

July 31, 2019

here is where we dive into an episode about what Beard ON and Beardonpalooza Means to me .  we also hear from Wesman y2k about WHO THE FUCK CARES


have lots of shout outs for BeARD oN too many to name

shane and stubbles

shane and stubbles

June 6, 2019

well here it is in all its glory


a little rough but Im back in the game


love yall and thank you for listening


@spunklube for all your pleasure needs

Smoke Collector

Smoke Collector

February 10, 2019

Sponsor for this episode is SpukLube

Also I use Adam Calhoun in my Intro Song he is my favorite right now follow him on all Social Medias and buy his Shit


The Song you hear is My LandLord Bennie Pitsinger "Medication Vacation


I know this took a while but here it is in all its glory.  Enjoy


I got the chance to sit down with Dave from ManBrain Podcast and we had a load of fun.  we cast shade in all kinds of directions.  We talk about SHWYPN roast coming up.  Bicker Cocks. Ben and his Ice Trucking. we slam Steve from Baked and Awake.  Talk about my episode with The Rachel Miller. We discuss Aussie Slang and how I cant do any of it, ya cunts.  We dive into Alabama funny real news.  We talk about NoOffense HTNOS.  Married AF and how Bicker Bots said Randal got a fag tattoo.  We talk about Whos Right Podcast. we talk about Blunt Mommy and her becoming the co-host of Manbrain.  we discuss the new gals on the block Zero Fucks Given.  We talk about Jodi B and PoBoys Podcast.  We even have a duo co-host spectacular between Tractor Larry and Skull Fucker plus some other guys.  We dive into why would anyone want to go on Hanks Monoball show to cry like a sissy baby. Also discuss the impregnation of 18 yr old strippers.  Please like, share, download, and comment .

Salute To Vets

Salute To Vets

January 14, 2019

comedy podcast don't get butt hurt

tonight I get to hang out with a good friend and talk about PTSD, VA, & Over Medication.  We discus FUR EVER Heroes and how they want to place a Pet with every Vet. Service dogs are great and could save a life.  Suicide rate among vets is at an all time high especially here in Alabama.  also #civilizedcreatures network intro #spunklube sponsors us so find them and buy their shit

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Super Gonorrhea

Super Gonorrhea

January 9, 2019

Latest Episode we learn that there is a NEW Gonorrhea called SUPER GONORRHEA !! WTF!! We answer some questions from the NSFW Podcast Group and I put in a new Segment-----called Ask Alexa.  then we have promos for NSFW Podcast Group


intro Song By Adam Calhoun please buy his shit and follow him on everything for all your questions

New Years Day 2019 Rachel Miller

New Years Day 2019 Rachel Miller

January 2, 2019

Well most of you spent new years drankin it up and the next day pooing it out.  Not me I spent it with Rachel Miller and it was amazing.  Hope yall enjoy this one.  also a commercial for ManBrain Podcast and No Offense Show.  I also have Hick Hop artist in here too

Demon Jones = Campfire Cologne

Demon Jones = Feeling Good

Charlie Farely = Backwoods Boys

Upchurch- Adam Calhoun- Demon Jones - Country

Jawga Boys - Chillin in The Backwoods


I did several songs of Adam Calhoun because he is the best right now check all of them out and buy their shit 


Kicking It with The Homeys

Kicking It with The Homeys

December 31, 2018

#spunklube new sponsor


this episode I get to sit down with Randal and Brooke from the Married AF Podcast.  Thank you to ManBrain Podcast for leveling my loud ass voice.  announce new sponsor spunk lube and love the conversation with the homeys


NSFW Podcast Network

Reunited WIth Son After 13 years and CABAL

Reunited WIth Son After 13 years and CABAL

December 28, 2018

Reunited with my son in next episode and huge twist

not great episode

raw emotions

and the cabal

announce next guest

Cock-a-doodle in a Light Socket

Cock-a-doodle in a Light Socket

December 18, 2018

Woke up a little pissed off at the days events.  getting fired for going to ER and Having to miss work.  Tractor Larry talks.  We call some Podcast and Generally have some fun.  We Listen to Adam Calhoun and what he put on his YouTube Channel that hit me in the homespot.  Play some of his Songs and Katie Noel {NO-ELL} and some Ice JJ Fish.  Dick in light socket blah and shout out to great podcast all around


0-1;08 Adam Calhoun on youtube intro

108-345 w katie noel, name of somg Catch Hell

345- me giving shout out talking about adam Calhoun and katie noel,  ice jj fish, mommy porn, about a podcast sliding in the DMs and Ever been let go from a job after going to ER the week before Christmas

721-735waking up mad and reaction videos to rap devil

749 not yet service dog

820- so high my dog talks

852- Brightside Commercial yes its real

1018- tractor larry walks in wants to do his commercial

tractor larry talks about drinks w larry and contestant #2

1333- welcome to the episode negative 42

1420 - shout out cry for help Married AF

1442- talking solo

1510- adam Calhoun intro

1528 - katie noel intro

1538 - adam Calhoun talks on his youtube channel about depression , great stuff, much respect,  book is Wake Up Rich

1858-go jogging around the hospital

1910- interruption by me

2004- dog

2110 how he thinks

2229he enters mma training camp

2254- sparring

2315-love that shit

2336- don't quit

2404 pinnacle of shit storm and getting fired

2640- icing on the shit cake

2951- end rant

3000 send responses to 

3040- katie noel- diesel gang

3240- talk about katie noel

3400- follow her on social 

3529- randal need to come over

3643-treactor larry gives drinks with larry a call

3832- full Release phone call

4057- dick questions shock the cock a doodle

4122- brian calls drinks w larry

4222- my dog is eating something it should not be

4255 ice jj fish song- ni%%a quit hatin

4351- ice jj fish song- broccoli

4454- crickets

4517- gas company to check yo gas

4550- wish you a merry Christmas

new traditions 

4624- shout out to Rachel Miller

4628- shout out to married af

4814- shout out to bad vibes podcast for sliding into the dms

4841- adam Calhoun and big murph SHUT UP

5115- thank you for still listening 

please send me your questions or concerns

5300- shout outs

man brain podcast

Shit happens when you party naked

no offense show

biker bots

plunge podcast

sippin and swearin

these drunk bitches 

NSFW Network

Hood Diner


Blunt Mommy

Netflix and swill

f willy

fist your bottom

sensible people podcast

noise pollution

bro honey 

lady bitch time

my worst ---- my eyes are crossing at the moment

heavy weight chumps 

whos right podcast

garith thomas

hand solo

small town mentality

any pod will do

and ME


PORN Stars and Scars

PORN Stars and Scars

December 13, 2018

This week we do a swapcast. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredible Jodi B from the PoBoys Podcast. It was a great time talking some shit with someone who has been in the game way longer than me. We have similar stories and for certain matching up on the filthy mindset. I thought about recording a separate intro but lets be honest Jodi B knows how to do his shit. Check out his podcast, follow him on twitter and visit his sponsors MOTHERFUCKERS lol enjoy . Thank you for this Randal and Brooke from Married AF podcast